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Welcome to the Ix Chel Center.

We live in a culture which fosters treating illness rather than promoting wellness. The eastern philosophy is to maintain our good health & wellness rather than to wait for disease to occur. The Ix Chel Center encourages this lifestyle of health by providing an ancient body work steeped in Maya tradition, an Asian massage called AMMA and by teaching about body, mind & spirit integration in the form of eating properly, meditation, breathwork & daily practices. You will be assisted in choosing an exercise program that fits into your busy life. would your life be different if your mother, sisters, aunts or grandmothers created a celebration surrounding your first menses/bleeding time?

How would your life be different had you been taught about your moon cycle and your relationship with the moons' effect on your menstrual cycle, your moods and your intuition?

What if you had been taught about the mysteries and power of being a woman rather than dreading your monthly cycle?

As foreign as these ideas seem, Cathy Lipsky has been studying and teaching these same inquiries for over 30 years and invites you to embrace the beauty of being a woman and to re-connect to your feminine self.

On her own journey she too disconnected from what was below her belly button unless she became pregnant or welcomed a monthly "friends" arrival. It was a natural rhythmic dance, yes, but she did not acknowledge the power and wisdom that the blood held. As a nurse practitioner she championed womens' wellness but still something was missing. It wasn't until the late 80's while studying Native American spirituality that she learned about moon lodges where the bleeding women would go to rest and dream while the men waited to learn what visions they might have. The phrase "she who bleeds and does not die" arose from the power that was placed on a woman and their significant contribution to society.

In the mid 1990's as she was hovering through peri-menopause, she met and started studying with Rosita Arvigo who taught her a traditional therapy based on Maya philosophy. This put all the pieces together. This was the ah-ha moment that was to open up her journey as a healer and lead her to stepping out of the Alopathic box and into a more natural approach to maintaining wellness.

As they say: "if you build it they will come" and they have. Women in physical, emotional and spiritual pain. Women hating their bodies for what they release every month and not being able to get through days without being in pain or discomfort. Women with such severe fertility challenges and women with stories of abuse, neglect and abandonment that have now manifested in physical issues.

Through a simple technique, natural therapies and taking time to listen in a safe environment, women are being empowered to heal themselves. Cathy will perform the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® on you and then teach you how to do it at home.

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